design made by paglie

Design made by Paglie

Anna Rydian-Hanes, Head of Design at Paglie
our team at Paglie. The 37 years old mother of two boys lets her creativity run wild in the colorful variety that is Paglie and is always searching for new ideas and wearable designs for babies and children. Here are a few excerpts from a recent interview:

How did you become a children's clothing designer?
A.R-H:studied Fashion Design at Trier School of Design and have been working in Children's Fashion ever since.

Why is Children's Fashion so special to you?
A.R-H: At Paglie everything is so wonderfully colourful. I love the adorable details, they are cute and fun. Children's Fashion is much more diverse than Women's Fashion. Plus it has to be functional. Putting it all together is really a challenge. Interpreting trends into Children's Fashion is quite exciting… it must never appear too grown up.

What does your Children's Fashion have to do?
A.R-H: First of all, it has to delight everyone, parents and children alike. It has to have it's own signature and most importantly, it has to be practical and comfortable at the same time without appearing too "basic". Each piece needs something that catches your eye at a second glance.

What does a typical Paglie boy look like? Or a Paglie girl?
A.R-H:Oh, a mold doesn't exist. Paglie is there for all children. We are really diverse! Athletic, whimsical, romantic, For everyone.

What kind of fashion do you personally like wearing best?
A.R-H: Colourful things I've designed myself.

What inspires you?
A.R-H: I find inspiration everywhere. When I'm at trade shows, I keep my eyes open, I read magazines, walk through the city looking and do some people-watching, I observe those around me, like my children.

made in

Made in …

In the last few weeks we have been frequently asked about the our production in Bangladesh and we do understand your concerns. In many people's minds Bangladesh remains a low-wage country, a condition that is exploited by European companies, as you may have heard in the past few months in some of the many TV coverages.

But there is another side of the story.
We produce our clothing exclusively in our own production facilities in Bangladesh. All of our employees are payed an above average salary — receiving the equivalent of 14 monthly wages, overtime and health insurance as part of our standard policy. Because approximately 90% of our employees are female, we help them in any way we can, for example we sponsor tuition costs for their children, a gynecologist comes to the facility on a monthly basis, among other benefits.

Once a year we hold a company festival for all of our employees. This might be a big picnic outside of the city or a party in one of the community centers directly in the city. We try to be present at each of these events, so that we can have a personal conversations with our employees. The highlight of our company parties is the big raffle, with prizes for almost everybody.
We like to think of our company as one big family! Not just in Cologne, but in Dhaka as well. It is really important to us to have trusted, happy, satisfied employees with long-term experience working for us.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact us.

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Paglie's Winter 2015-16 is all about the exciting colorful, lively patterns of Folklore. Different, cheerful and wild: That is how the little ones will put themselves forward next Winter. What excitement! What is more enjoyable than experiencing the aura of countries far away, of Wanderlust and adventure? Paglie has interpreted this feeling: Colourful, vibrant color stories merge with artful jewelry and original motifs.

Our Fall/Winter Catalog 2015 is now available to be sent at your request.

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